Temporary Download Site for Corpscon

The official Corspcon site is located at: http://www.agc.army.mil/Missions/Corpscon.aspx

Please update your bookmarks to http://www.agc.army.mil/Missions/Corpscon.aspx

We have been having problems with our server.
http://corpscon.silkwerks.com/corpscon6.zip is a zipped file containing the Corpscon files without an install program.
This should work by just unzipping in a directory.
You may need to go into utilities to indicate what directory the grid files are in.

http://corpscon.silkwerks.com/corpscon_complete.exe is the install program.

http://corpscon.silkwerks.com/corpscon6-geoid12a.zip is a zipped file containing instructions on adding Geoid12a to Corpscon.

Source Code is a zipped file containing the Corpscon source code files.

corpscon_v6.dll is Corpscon version 6x DLL.

Version 5 is available here.

Reminder!!! Do not use Corpscon 6 to compute a Combined Scale Factor. It does not calculate them correctly.

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